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Old Boys of Northwood School

Northwood – Centurion Guild

A key factor identified in achieving greatness as a school is greater mobilization and support from the Old Boys, as is the case with other leading schools throughout the country. The Knights have been working on this and significant progress has been made. The Centurion Guild has been formed (refer to the attached invitation to join for more information) and a Trust has been registered. A section 18A donation certificate will be issued for all donations to the Trust in excess of R250 which will allow donors to claim the donation as a tax deduction.

Invitation to join the Knights’ Centurion Guild     

The Knights have formed the Knights Centurion Guild. Centurions were elite guardians in the Romans military. The name has been chosen to extend the symbolism of the Knights and for the strong parallel with the objectives of the Centurions. The membership of the Centurions is aimed at Old Boys and supporters who are financially fortunate and who can afford to make an annual donation to a trust overseen by the Knights which will provide assistance to Northwood School.

The funds from your contribution will be:

    • Tax deductible in your hands.
    • Paid into a trust account.
    • Used as directed by the Centurion members
    • At your election, specifically used for a particular purpose e.g. advancement of
    • Rugby, academic bursary, etc;
    • Fully accounted for to Centurion members by way of an annual report and
    • audited financial statements;
    • Utilised to make Northwood a great school which you can be proud of.
  • As a Centurion you will receive:
    • A section 18A certificate enabling the donor to claim the donation as a tax deduction.
    • Acknowledgement on the Knights website
    • Invitation to the annual dinner.
    • VIP invitation to select events on the school calendar.
    • Copy of the school magazine.

Members of the Centurions will make their donation to The Northwood School Educational Trust. The Trust has been registered with the Master of the High Court and South African Revenue Services as a Public Benefit Organisation. The trustees of the Trust are James Dixon, Chairman of the Knights and an old boy, Gus Attridge member of the Knights Committee and an old boy, Paul McAvoy the Headmaster at Northwood School. Please address any questions you may have in respect of membership of the Centurion Guild to or

Wherever life takes you after your school years, if you were a Northwood, Beachwood or Northlands schoolboy, you will always be an old boy of the two schools which are now Northwood. By becoming a Centurion you have an opportunity to contribute to assisting Northwood achieve its potential as a leading school, contributing to producing leaders in all walks of life, a school of which you can proud to be an old boy and a supporter.





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