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Old Boys of Northwood School

Chairman’s Message

The Knights was formed in 2005 with the goal of creating and developing a mechanism through which the immensely powerful and influential old boys’ body as well as the parents and Durban North community could support Northwood School’s vision of being ‘The Spirit of North Durban’ and ultimately the school of choice for Durban North residents.

Since inception The Knights has worked closely with various Governing Body members and the management of Northwood School and hence has witnessed how far the school has come over the past decade in a challenging environment to the extent that we firmly believe that Northwood currently has the leadership, management, teachers, structures and amenities to compare to, and is often the envy of, many schools throughout South Africa.

The Board of The Knights fully supports the structures that the current Governing Body has put in place to develop Northwood into a world class school. The Northwood Educational Trust was recently set up by The Knights and will be administered and controlled by Trustees who are appointed by the Board of The Knights in support of these structures.

As the South African education environment becomes increasingly competitive, and because of Northwood’s prime location, competition from other schools is tough with more than 10 schools marketing into the Durban North community. The temptation exists to join the pragmatic marketing trend that currently prevails across high schools.

Northwood’s philosophy is to remain a value driven, community based school, which caters for all boys who live in the Durban North area and to offer the absolute best to all boys who attend the school. At times this may fly in the face of the need for results on the sports field and in the classroom, which can often over shadow the primary objective of a school which should be to afford each and every boy at a school the opportunity to excel, not simply a select few.

Nevertheless, Northwood has identified and developed structures to attract primary school achievers from the Durban North community to the school.

The Knights are thus proud to be associated with Northwood’s progress in the sporting arena over the past five years, to the extent that Northwood is one of very few schools which currently can claim a place in the top 10 of all major sports in which we participate.