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Old Boys of Northwood School



The Knights, an association for the old boys and supporters of Northwood, Northlands and Beachwood. It was launched to provide a forum for old boys and supporters  to meet and share fellowship on a regular basis, and provide support for the school. Supporters of The Knights include all past and present parents and teachers of these schools, local businesses and the community at large.

The Knights is run within business principles to raise funds  for the benefit of Northwood School and the Knights Association.

The Objectives of the Knights are as follows:

  • To grow into a meaningful and effective body that can contribute to Northwood.
  • To ensure that this initiative assists Northwood in the achievement of its Vision.
  • To promote active involvement in Northwood’s varied activities and events.
  • To endeavour to assist Northwood financially in specific planned projects.
  • To increase the profile of Northwood within its target market.
  • To assist Northwood in proactive internal and external marketing.
  • To provide an environment for old boy networking and interaction.
  • To facilitate a strong relationship between Northwood School and Northwood Crusaders Sports club, the home of the school’s old boys.

Annual events such as the Reunion Weekend & The Circle of Valour Awards Dinner, as well as our many Knights gatherings.

We look forward to your ongoing support of Northwood and the Knights