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Old Boys of Northwood School


The Circle of Valour Award is intended to profile the success of the many Northlands, Beachwood and Northwood Old Boys who make us proud, and is the pinnacle of achievement for those who attended any of the three schools.

An award winner will be recognized for his achievements at the highest level since leaving  school. He will have achieved iconic status in his particular field of expertise and the  community of North Durban.

Whilst having made his mark in the world, he is the type of person who remains humble and  often goes unnoticed despite his excellent achievements. In short, a Circle of Valour Award  winner will espouse the very values that were taught to him during his days at School. His behaviour and achievements will set an aspirational example to the community, Old Boys, and especially current pupils of Northwood.

Winners will be chosen by the Board from these nominations and be acknowledged at a Gala Dinner that will form part of The Knights annual Reunion Weekend. All winners will  become lifetime members of the Knights.

The Circle of Valour Awards are awarded in the following categories:

  • Academics, Science and Technology
  • Business
  • Community Service
  • Music, Art and Culture
  • Sport

Nominations for the 2017 awards in these five categories are invited, and the winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner on 18 October 2016 please contact Theresa Kennedy 031 563 6501 ext 302 or email