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Old Boys of Northwood School

Centurion Guild

As a new initiative the Knights have formed the Knights Centurion Guild. Centurions were elite guardians in the Romans military. The name has been chosen to extend the symbolism of the Knights and for the strong parallel with the objectives of the Centurions. The membership of the Centurions is aimed at Old Boys and supporters who are financially fortunate and who can afford to make an annual donation of R5 000 or more to a trust overseen by the Knights to supplement the assistance provided to Northwood. If you would like to become a member please read the attached letters for further information.

Centurion Guild

Current School projects

  • Expansion of the pool area to encompass a 50-metre Olympic-standard arena
  • Further roll-outs of data projectors to every teaching venue
  • Computer centre refurbishments (2 Upper Campus centres)
  • Extension of Staff computer facilities, including whole-school wi-fi capabilities
  • Construction of an indoor sports centre, catering for hockey and other activities.
  • Improvement of the floodlights, on both the astro and main rugby fields
  • New hall lighting and sound systems
  • Upgrades to/refurbishment of Physical Science and Life Science laboratories.
  • Upgrades to Upper and Lower Campus entrances, including improved waiting facilities for the boys, and changes to the Lower Campus driveway.
  • Future Perfect